Thank you for considering SWB Design, LLC.  I am Susan Brown, Owner and Interior Designer.
I believe that we are all products of our surroundings and I am here to help you create an environment that you love.

How I Got Started in Interior Design...

I studied Communications and Business in College and my first job out of school landed me in an office cubicle with beige walls and overhead fluorescent lighting.  I found myself feeling drained and overall disappointed with my productivity.  I absolutely did not like the aesthetic environment of the office or how it made me feel.  I asked my boss if I could create a paint board with color options and let the employees choose a new color for the walls and then I would take it upon myself to paint over a weekend...she looked right at me, smiled and said, you are in the wrong business.  I soon left that job, got an assistant position in the design field and returned to school to get a degree in Interior Design.

Once I realized just how much my surroundings effected my mood and behavior I figured other people would feel the same way.  So here I am, helping others create spaces they love! 

It Comes Naturally...
My Mother was an Interior Designer.  She had a beautiful Design Studio above the garage of my childhood home in Pittsburgh, PA.  She loved what she did and was so good at making people happy.  As a child, I do not think I realized just how much of her love of design impacted and inspired me.  I don't think my sister did either, however here we are as adults and both my sister and I are Interior Designers, helping people love their homes.

About Me and My Business...
I am married and we have two awesome girls.  We live in the city and absolutely love it!  My husband and I moved to Chicago in 2000 and although we left for a period for his work, we returned in 2010 and have planted ourselves here for good. 

The majority of my Design Projects are residential.  I work within the city as well as the suburbs.  I have also done projects in Madison, WI and Pittsburgh, PA

I have access to fabrics, furniture, lighting, area rugs and art as well as custom drapery and upholstery. 

I love what I do and would be happy to help you with your home!